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Without a professional index some doors into your book will stay closed

Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies

The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 20, 2017, ed. Ardi Imseis, Brill | Nijhoff, 2017. ISBN

Tafsir as Mystical Experience: Intimacy and Ecstasy in Quran Commentary, Todd Lawson, Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN 9789004385436

The Iran-UAE Gulf Islands Dispute, Charles L.O. Buderi and Luciana T. Ricart, Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN 9789004236189

The Creation of a Philosophical Tradition, Ahmed H. al-Rahim, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018. ISBN 9783447103336

In the Presence of Power: Court and Performance in the Pre-Modern Middle East, eds. Maurice Pomerantz and Evelym Birge Vitz, New York University Press, 2017. ISBN 9781479883004

Home and Migrant Identity in Dialogical Life Stories of Moroccan and Turkish Dutch, Femke J. Stock, Brill Academic Publishers, 2017 ISBN 9789004350656

The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, ed. Ardi Imseis, Brill | Nijhoff, 2017. ISBN 9789004356801

From Sasanian Mandaeans to Sābians of the Marshes, Kevin T. van Bladel, Brill Academic Publishers, 2017. ISBN 9789004339439

Legal Documents as Sources for the History of Muslim Societies. Papers in Honour of Rudolph Peters, eds. Maaike van Berkel a.o., Brill Academic Publishers, 2017. ISBN 9789004343726

The Ottoman Wild West, Nikolay Antov, Cambridge University Press, 2017. ISBN 9781107182639 (index)

Ibrahim-i Gulshani and the Khalwati-Gulshani Order, Side Emri, 2017, Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN 9789004341012

Islamic Alternatives, Shahrokh Raei, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2017. ISBN 9783447107792

Accusations of Unbelief in Islam, ed. Sabine Schmidtke a.o, Brill Academic Publishers, 2015. ISBN 978900434734

When in the Arab World: Your Insider Guide to Working and Living with Arab Culture, Rana F. Nejem, Yarnu Publications, 2016. ISBN 9781911195207

Muslims in Interwar Europe, ed. Bekim Agai a.o., Brill Acadermic Publishers, 2015. ISBN 9789004287839

Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Vol.17 (2011-2012), ed. Eugene Cotran, Brill Academic Publishers, 2015. ISBN 9789004270992 (in samenwerking met Caroline Diepeveen)

Media and Political Contestation in the Contemporary Arab World, ed. Lena Jayyusi a.o., Palgrave MacMillan, 2015. ISBN 9781137525222

Islamic Cultures, Islamic Contexts, edited by Behnam Sadeghi, Asad Q Ahmed, Adam Silverstein and Robert Hoyland, Brill Academic Publishers, 2014. ISBN 9789004252011 (names index)

Marduk-remanni: Local Networks and Imperial Politics in Achmaemenid Babylonia, C. Waerzeggers, Peeters Publishers, 2014. ISBN 978904293040

Islamic Law in Past and Present, Mathias Rohe, Brill Academic Pu blishers, 2014. ISBN 9789004277434 (in samenwerking met Caroline Diepeveen)

Le Coran par lui-même, Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau, Brill Academic Publishers, 2014. ISBN 9789004250642 (index of sources)

Sennacherib at the Gates of Jerusalem, ed. Isaac Kalmi a.o., Brill Academic Publishers, 2014. ISBN: 9789004265615

Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World, 4 Volumes and 1 Resource and Index Volume, Brill Academic Publishers, 2010. ISBN 9789004176782  (in association with Caroline Diepeveen and Jacqueline Pitchford)

Islamic Economics: A Short History, Ahmed El-Ashker & Rodney Wilson, Brill Academic Publishers, 2006. ISBN 9789004151345

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