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African Studies

Contested Liberations, Transitions and the Crisis in Zimbabwe, Oliver Nyambi, Brill Academic Publishers 2024. ISBN 9789004682962

Histories of Independence in Côte d’Ivoire, Konstanze N’Guessan, Brill Academic Publishers, 2020. ISBN 9789004227583

Violence and Gender in Africa’s Iberian Colonies, Andreas Stucki, Palgrave MacMillan, 2019. ISBN 9783030172299 ( PDF )

Two Thousand Years in Dendi, Nothern Benin, Archaeology, History and Memory, Anne Haour, Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN 9789004355842 ( PDF )

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s Tradition on the Holy Cross, Getatchew Haile, Brill Academic Publishers, 2017. ISBN 9789004348684

The Stolen Bible: From Tool of Imperialism to African Icon, Gerald O. West, Brill Academic Publishers, 2016. ISBN 9789004322752

Mediation of Violence in Africa, Lidwien Kapteijns en Annemiek Richters, Brill Academic Publishers, 2010. ISBN 9789004185364

Magic and Warfare: Appearance and Reality in Contemporary African Conflict and Beyond, Nathalie Wlodarczyk, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. ISBN 9780230621022

Asian Studies

Constructing Japan, Beate |Loeffler, Brill Academic Publishers, 2024. ISBN

Remapping the Cold War in Asian Cinemas, eds. Sangjoon Lee and Darlene Machell Espeña, Amsterdam University Press, 2024. ISBN 9789463727273

The Emergence of Word-Meaning in Early China, Jane Geaney, SUNY Press, 2022. ISBN 9781438488936

Sufi Women of South Asia, Tahera Aftab, Brill Academic Publishers, 2022. ISBN 9789004467170

Mughal Occidentalism – Artistic Encounters between Europe and Asia at the Courts of India, 1580-1630, Mika Natif, Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN 9789004371095 ( PDF )

Historical Title, Self-Determination and the Kashmir Question: Changing Perspectives in International Law, Fozia Nazir Lone, Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN 9789004316911

Christianity, Colonization, and Gender Relations in North Sumatra: A Patrilineal Society in Flux, Sita T. van Bemmelen, Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN 9789004345744 ( PDF )

From Policemen to Revolutionaries: A Sikh Diaspora in Global Shanghai,1885–1945, Yin Cao, Brill Academic Publishers, 2017. ISBN 9789004344082

Fou Lei: An Insistence on Truth, Mingyuan Hu, Brill Academic Publishers, 2017. ISBN 9789004343917 ( PDF )

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Storytelling in Bali, Hildred Geertz, Brill Academic Publishers, 2016. ISBN 9789004311596 ( PDF )

Popular Religion in Modern China, Lan Li, Ashgate, 2015. ISBN 9781409436782

Martial Arts and the Body Politic in Indonesia, Lee Wilson, Brill Academic Publishers, 2015. ISBN 9789004287730

Religious Discourse in Modern Japan, Isomae Jun’ichi, translated by Galen Amstutz and Lynne E. Riggs, Brill Academic Publishers, 2014. ISBN 9789004272613.